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What is The Seven Challenges?

The Seven Challenges is a comprehensive counseling program that incorporates work on alcohol and other drug problems. It is designed to motivate clients to evaluate their lives, consider changes they may wish to make, and then succeed in implementing the desired changes. It supports them in taking power over their own lives.

In The Seven Challenges program, people address their drug problems, their co-occurring life skill deficits, and their situational and psychological problems. Although counselors in the program provide a structure for groups and a framework for individual sessions, the content of each session is exceptionally flexible, in response to the immediate needs of the client. It is not pre-scripted.

The Seven Challenges uses an approach called “Mastery CounselingTM,” which helps people look at what is happening in their lives. They learn to recognize what is going well and what is problematic. Whatever is not going well, or as well as they would like it to be going, is identified as an “issue.” In Seven Challenges sessions, counselors teach people to work on their issues. As they do their work, the “challenge process” is used to help them make thoughtful decisions, including about drugs.

We do not fit clients, whether young people or adults, into our program; rather, we wrap the program around the concerns of the people we serve.




The Seven Challenges Program:
the Newer Adult Version

The Seven Challenges program was originally developed for adolescents and now there is a version designed specifically for adults.

The Seven Challenges

Improves client engagement with holistic counseling, balancing work on drug and other problems.

Helps clients identify and clarify their own issues and concerns and understand them in the context of life circumstances.

Promotes mindful self-awareness and teaches decision-making skills.

Increases emotional literacy by teaching about trusting & respectful relationships and building resilience in the face of setbacks.

Supports plans for success and individualizes relapse prevention.

Helps clients take power over their lives, including use of alcohol & other drugs.

Counseling without shame, blame or stigma.

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