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How to Communicate with Loved Ones Who Have Drug Problems

Psychology Today

"The fact is, we can’t force others to change. But we can maintain a positive connection and provide a supportive atmosphere in which change could occur. The challenge is to rise above negative feelings and offer as much encouragement and empathy as possible."


Exploring Benefits of Addictive Behaviors with Clients

American Psychological Association, Division 50, Society of Addictive Behavior

This article highlights the development of a balanced approach to discussing drug benefits, in addition to discussing reduced harm.


How to Help Your Children Feel Secure in a Country Rife with Violence


"The most powerful way to overcome fear is by taking action — to do something about whatever frightens us. As parents we can model this for our children. We can show them that we are working for a safer world."


What Drug and Alcohol Treatment Should Look Like: An Interview with Dr. Robert Schwebel

Pro Talk

"In collaborative counseling that allows choices, clients get to identify the issues they want to work on. They make the decisions. We make it clear that we’re not there to make them quit using drugs…and couldn’t even if we tried."


How to Make Sure Young People Never Get Drug Counseling

The Fix

"Tell them they are powerless; tell them you trust them but conduct drug tests; be an alarmist; and other effective ways to make sure kids avoid getting help."  


Renaming and Rethinking Drug Treatment

Pro Talk

"I believe we would have much better outcomes and benefit a lot more people if we stopped ‘treating drug problems,’ and started thinking in terms of providing comprehensive counseling."


Why Saying No to Drugs Is Not Enough

The Fix

"Look around and you will find counselors pushing the agenda of abstinence and trying to control behavior. You’ll find youth cleverly resisting and fighting back in all kinds of creative ways."


Go Easy On The Liar Label: Try Creating Safety First

Pro Talk

"…people often behave in ways that promote lying. You could say they create an environment in which other people are afraid to tell the truth."


About Learned Powerlessness

Pro Talk

"To help people overcome drug problems, we need to get off the powerlessness bandwagon, stop exaggerating the power of drugs, and stop diminishing the power of people."


You Can't Rescue People with Drug Problems

Pro Talk

"Rescuing doesn’t work. It basically hijacks the pathway to personal decision-making and change. Instead of people reaching their own conclusions about their lives, someone else does it for them."

Other Resources and Information

Teen Addiction Treatment Programs That Measure Up

Pro Talk- Written by Anne Fletcher

"The Seven Challenges really makes you realize what to look for right before you’re falling. They help you think through why you’re doing what you’re doing. You have to want to change for yourself, and the Seven Challenges helps you do that.”


Families For Sensible Drug Policy

The voice of families impacted by substance use and the harms of existing drug policies.


SMART Recovery, Self-Management And Recovery Training

This is self-empowering recovery support; offering support groups and online services.


The Seven Challenges

Improves client engagement with holistic counseling, balancing work on drug and other problems.

Helps clients identify and clarify their own issues and concerns and understand them in the context of life circumstances.

Promotes mindful self-awareness and teaches decision-making skills.

Increases emotional literacy by teaching about trusting & respectful relationships and building resilience in the face of setbacks.

Supports plans for success and individualizes relapse prevention.

Helps clients take power over their lives, including use of alcohol & other drugs.

Counseling without shame, blame or stigma.

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