Training Information for Independent Practitioners

Who is Independent Practitioner Training for?

The Independent Practitioner Training is available to clinicians in private practice who provide counseling services to adolescents and/or adults who have co-occurring mental health and situational problems as well as drug/alcohol problems. This is not training to implement in intensive outpatient, day treatment, or residential services -- it is intended to assist clinicians who want to broaden their private practice approach. 

Training Overview 

Independent Practitioner Training provides an opportunity to learn more about the general counseling approach used in The Seven Challenges program. Although Practitioners will not be utilizing the full Seven Challenges program, they will learn how to help clients explore their drug use, consider making changes in their lives, and follow through on changes they identify. Trained clinicians will be able to utilize some of the published books from the adult and adolescent versions of The Seven Challenges program, and will receive focused instruction on how to incorporate those materials into their current private practice.

Prior to training, the counselor will receive the following books and materials:

  • One copy of The Seven Challenges Book of Readings (used with adolescents and sometimes young adults)
  • One copy of Leap of Power (used with adults of all ages)  
  • Five sets of The Seven Challenges Journals (sets can be the adolescent version, the adult version, or a combination) 
  • Numerous digital handouts will be provided.

Once the counselor has completed the Independent Practitioner Training, they will be able to purchase more of the materials listed above as they are needed.

The fee for Independent Practitioner Training is $595. This includes the materials listed above and the training.

For questions, please contact Taylar Kregness, at  

Continuing Education Information

The training is pre-approved for four Continuing Education hours for re-licensure, through NASW-MA Chapter CE Approving Program and the NH Board of Licensed Alcohol and Other Drug Use Professionals. Providing 100% of the training is attended, and the evaluation and post-test are submitted, the trainee will receive a certificate of Continuing Education completion. For other certifying bodies, documentation needed to apply directly for CE credit can be provided.

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