Program Materials For Adults

Publications for Adults

Leap of Power  is written by Robert Schwebel, Ph. D. for the adult client to read. This book supports the reader in respectfully evaluating the impact of drugs on their lives, without judgement or put-downs of any sort, and without an agenda of telling them how to behave. Readers who have a drug problem and want to make changes will find help in evaluating their options and detailed guidance on how to succeed with either setting new limits or quitting. Readers who are uncertain whether they have a drug problem will find help in making their own determination about the matter.

Leap of Power shows that even people who are discouraged and have failed in previous attempts to overcome drug problems can work on their own as well as with a counselor to analyze what has held them back and design new strategies to ensure success. While this book is available to the public, it is especially powerful when presented by a Seven Challenges counselor and used in conjunction with the other elements of The Seven Challenges program.

The Seven Challenges Journals are a valuable tool for helping adult clients reflect upon their lives and drug use. With “Supportive Journaling,” counselors and clients engage in a process in which they communicate privately with one another through written words. This process supplements counseling by giving clients a chance to open-up and reflect on their lives without the pressure of an immediate face-to-face audience. Personal and individualized support is provided through journaling. As shown in the Journal sample which you can download, a combination of short answer, listing, and check-the-box techniques are used to keep it simple, even for clients who struggle with focusing and reading/writing.

Posters are used during sessions to help frame the Seven Challenges counseling program and process. One poster is called “Challenging Yourself” and lists the seven different challenges for easy reference during sessions. The other poster is called “Working Sessions” and serves as a visual aid for healing clients learn what it means to "work" in counseling sessions.

Publications for Counselors

Counselors facilitating Seven Challenges sessions with adult clients will use The Seven Challenges Manual, Adult Version in their training and implementation. The Manual presents information about The Seven Challenges counseling approach, implementation instructions, strategies and details for utilizing the program, and Supportive Journaling assistance. The Manual is a valuable tool and reference book for Seven Challenges counselors.

The Seven Challenges Activity Book, although written for those working with adolescent clients, can be used by counselors working with adults as well. The Activity Book has a wide array of counseling activities that help the counselor support clients in examining and considering changing their drug use behavior, while also helping them overcome situational and psychological problems. (See sample under Adolescent Materials.)

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